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  1. Rehearsal studio
2. Vocal Lessons
3. Lessons on musical instruments
Recording studio
A stylish and pleasant recording room, where you and your friends will feel comfortable working and relaxing.
Access to top-of-the-line equipment. A professional studio provides access to superior recording equipment and microphones.
Try your hand at recording. Rehearse or record your own tune
· Vocal coach.
· Teach anyone who has a basic ear and a great desire to develop (age 13 years and above) to sing steeply.
· Author's chants;
· Individual repertoire
· Beat the clamps and stereotypes that get in the way of free and cool singing;
Adult Vocal
· Voice and Breath Formation
· The development of rhythm
· Unleashing the natural ability
· Working with a microphone
· A healthy and beautiful voice for years to come
Vocal for Kids
DJ Teacher
Want to record your own track? Repeat with a band? Then we invite you to our studio.
Saxophone teacher
· Respiratory development
· Learning your favorite tunes
· Development of fine motor skills
· Learning musical notation
· Individual approach
Kateryna Romanenko
Julia Rabiuk
Ievgenii Sakhno
Valentina Cherkasova
Pricing policy
Pricing policy
Занятие 60 минут
  • Vocal lessons for children and adults. Our vocal coach will put your voice, teach you how to sing beautifully and much more.
    Guitar lessons.
    Saxophone lessons. Through playing the saxophone you can develop your breathing system, fine motor skills, and learn to play your favorite tunes.
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